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Wood Stoves

Harworth Heating are specailists in wood burning stoves and pellet stoves/boilers





A Carbon Neutral Fuel Source

As the cost of heating with natural gas and fuel oils continues to rise business is being pushed towards the use of biomass fuels for heat generation.

Wood stoves and wood pellet stoves are among the 'greenest' of all heating appliances.

Wood pellet has become one of the most economic biomass fuels the world can provide. Unlike fossil fuels, biomass fuels are a managed renewable resource.

Sustainable Fuel

Unlike oil and gas stoves, wood stoves run on a sustainable, renewable and controllable fuel source which also has the added advantage of being a lot nearer to Carbon Neutrality than oil fuel, gas fuel or coal fuel.

Wood pellet is a carbon neutral fuel solution which is exempt from the Climate Change Levy and can attract financial incentives in the form of grants that can be used to mitigate initial capital investments of equipment installation and ongoing running costs.

Biomass fuels are carbon neutral as they do not add CO2 to the atmosphere because the same amount of CO2 released during the burning process is absorbed whilst growing.

Wood pellet for stoves is formed from good quality wood waste, allowing more complete and effective utilisation of forestry resources.

The wood waste for wood stoves is dried and pressed together in a pellet mill. The temperature produced in this process causes woods natural polymer, Lignin, to be released from the wood which in turn binds the pellet together without the need for additional binding agents.

This produces a biomass fuel that is consistent, easy to transport, store and extremely clean burning another plus for wood stoves.

Wood pellets have a low moisture content less than 10% and as such they will not freeze in storage and can be stored outside in suitable storage containers allowing for easy delivery and discharge, whilst maximising storage space.

Wood pellets have a very low ash content (typically in the region of 0.2% - 0.5%) compared to other solid fuels (coal 8 – 12%). The resultant wood pellet ash (potash) can be used as a fertiliser thus reducing disposal and carbon footprint costs.

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